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How Will I Praise You?

"What do you live for?" Can you answer that question? Some people say family, others money, or recognition, approval, power maybe sex are all some people’s reasons. The Christian response to this, should be that we live for God as it says in 1 Cor 10: "Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."

I will Praise You With My Whole heart

Psalm 9, Hebrews 13:1-19 12.7.15

1. The centrality of praise (vv1-2, 13-14)

2. The expression of praise (vv1-2, 11, 16, inscription) Eph 5:19

3. The stimulus to praise (vv3-12), Eph 2:11-13, Eph 1:3-14

4. The outworking of praise (vv13-20) , Heb 13:5-6, Rom 8:32

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