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The Surprise of God's Majesty

Do you have one part of scripture that makes you say "WOW - THIS IS AMAZING!" For Kirk this is Psalm 8 and he was worried that he would not do it justice. Check out and see if you agree with Kirk and David's ending "Oh Lord our Lord, how excellent is your name in all the earth!" - that the God we have is beyond all wonder - He is Majestic!

The Surprise of God's Majesty Psalm 8 5.7.15

1. A surprising source of praise, vv1-2, 1 Kings 8:27, Matt 21:16

2. A surprising object of care, vv3-4

3. A surprising description of man, vv5-8, Gen 1:26-31

4. A surprising picture of peace, v6, Heb 2:8-9

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