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Where is Your Confidence?

Where is your confidence? Has something happened to you that flipped upside down the way you think? These are rare, life changing moments that cause us to question the basis for our confidence, like what happened to Paul.

When the best of who I am became rubbish Phil 3:1-11 21.6.15 Kirk Zylstra

1. Where is your confidence?

2. A shocking warning, vv1-3

3. A personal illustration, vv4-6 * was born into privilege * Circumcised the eighth day

* Of the stock of Israel * Of the tribe of Benjamin * A Hebrew of the Hebrews

* I did all the right things * A Pharisee * Zealous * Blameless

4. An unusual arithmetic, vv7-9 4 + 3 = - 7 Why?

5. A liberating truth

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