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Turning to God in Trouble

Christians don't want to turn to God only when in trouble. We don't want to be a bunch of users, turning to Him when we're in need and then going our merry way until we need Him again. That's not the way that we want to be. Yet it's not that we should ignore God when we're in trouble. Absolutely not! We should turn to God when we're in trouble but should also turn to God at other times like thanking God when things are good. Yes, even if we know we've been slack, we should still go to God, and see that as an opportunity to get our relationship right with God. In this Psalm Kirk Zylstra looks at how David, in his extremity, could have confidence and peace because of his relationship with God. Turning to God in trouble 2 Cor 1:1-11 Psalm 3 10.5.15 1. The trouble of David, vv1-2 2 Sam 15-18, 2 Sam 12:10, 13 2. The God of David, vv3-4 3. The peace of David, vv5-6 4. The salvation of David, vv7-8 Num 10:33-36, Jonah 2:9

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